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Application for Membership

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                                                Regular Member (21 & above)                                       Php.  600.00 

                                                  (an entrance fee of 1,000.00 is added for new membership application)

                                                Outside the Philippines        US$  40.00                                


                                                Life Member                                

                                                Outside the Philippines                                     




NAME:________________________ NICKNAME:___________




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E-MAIL ADDRESS:_______________ FAX NO. ____________


BIRTHDATE:________________ PLACE:__________________


MAILING ADDRESS:___________________________________


NAME OF COMPANY (OFFICE):_________________________


ADDRESS:_________________________TEL NO. __________


I hereby, agree to abide by the By-laws and Code of Ethics of the Philippine Numismatic & Antiquarian Society



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              Membership in the Philippine Numismatic and Antiquarian Society is a privilege extended to those persons and organizations deemed worthy thereof and is not a matter of right. Such membership can be maintained only until the Board of Directors determines that the conduct of a member has been such that, in the best interest of the Society, his membership should be terminated.

            For the guidance of its members, this Code of Ethics has been duly adopted. A breach thereof by any member shall be considered conduct prejudicial to the welfare of the society and cause for action by the Board of Directors.


As a member of the Philippine Numismatic & Antiquarian Society, I agree to support its Code of Ethics; and such rules, policies and regulations, as may be inforce from time to time;


I agree to conduct myself so as to bring no reproach or discredit to the association, or impair the prestige of membership therein;

            I agree to base all my dealings on the highest plane of justice, fairness and morality;

            I agree neither to buy nor sell numismatic items of which the ownership is questionable;

            I agree to conform to the accepted standards of dignified advertising;

            I agree to take immediate steps to correct any error I may make in any transaction;

I agree not to sell, exhibit, produce nor advertise counterfeits, copies, re-strikes and reproductions of any numismatic items if their nature is not clearly indicated by the word “counterfeit” “copy”, “re-strike”, or “reproduction” incused in the metal or printed on the paper thereof;

I agree to represent a numismatic item to be genuine only when, to the best of my knowledge and belief, it is authentic;

I agree to fulfill all contracts made by me, either orally or written, to make prompt payments upon delivery, and to return immediately any item that is not satisfactory;

I agree to give aid to members and organizations in their quest for numismatic knowledge.





Please send this form to:


                                                1193 Ma. Orosa St., Ermita, Manila

                                                 Philippines 1000

or Fax it to:                          

can also email it to:          


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